Friday, August 21, 2009


I usually don’t even answer the phone between 6 and 8pm, because even though we’re on the big “do not call” list, we still get those pesky telemarketer calls. But tonight, since hubby’s out of town, when the phone rang just after dinner, I answered it, thinking it might be him. No such luck. But the man on the other end was polite, and asked me how I was doing, and because I was still lingering in chat-with-hubby mode, and was distracted by the Facebook Scrabble move I was in the middle of making, I said I was fine, then asked how he was doing. He stopped and said, “Well, I’m fine. Wow, I don’t get asked that very often. How nice of you!” I felt all warm and fuzzy, until he assumed I was making a commitment to his vague cause to support some group of unnamed kids with a $100 donation. When I told him I was sorry, but I don’t make donations without knowing more about a cause, he hung up on me. So much for the feel-good variety of telemarketer call. And he wonders why people never show him any kindness when he calls…

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  1. Cassandra, you can always try looking up the phone numbers of telemarketers at and post a complaint there