Sunday, August 09, 2009


Today String Bean looked at me and said, quite passionately, “I want to see the dinosaurs!” Thinking that she meant one of the many toy ones we have, or maybe one of the books about them that we own, I reminded her that she knows exactly where they are kept. She rolled her eyes, made that exasperated sound that my mother says sounds exactly like me, and said, “No, I want to see a live one!” I apologized for having given birth to her so late in the game that all dinosaurs had been extinct for 65 million years when she came into the world, but she wasn’t easily appeased.

While I have no means to meet this new demand of hers, and she doesn’t quite have the capacity to understand the mysterious extinction of an entire species, I have to admire her passion on the subject. When this girl wants something, she feels it with every ounce of her skinny little body. I hope she’ll keep this same level of enthusiasm up for school, life, career, love, and a few happy hobbies as she grows up. And I hope she never stops dreaming big.

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