Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My School

Last week, String Bean was talking about her school playground and the new spongy surface they just put down instead of tanbark. Peanut piped up, “And now it’s my play ground!” String Bean was quick to point out that it wasn’t, yet. Every time we drop String Bean off for school, Peanut asks, “Is it my school yet?” She has two weeks before she starts preschool, and while I’m feeling all sentimental about my baby going off to school with her big sister, she feels no such nostalgia for the good old days of hanging out with Mommy while big sis is off playing with her friends on the cool new play ground. Peanut wants to go to school, now.

Monday when I was signing String Bean in, Peanut looked around the classroom that’ll be hers in two short weeks, and said, “Is it my school today?” The teachers all laughed and promised it would be soon. So, I don’t anticipate any of the crying drop-offs we had with String Bean when she started preschool. I knew when I started sending her that it was to teach her some much-needed independence and that she wouldn’t like the lesson at first. But Peanut has been an independent sort since the day she was born. And while String Bean always needed a little nudge to approach other kids and make new friends, Peanut is always running up to other kids, older or younger, and flashing her big blue eyes and winning smile, waving her little hand and saying, “Come on! Come play!” and the kids come running. I have no doubt that she’ll do fine at preschool. And no doubt that I’ll be the weepy one at our first drop-off.

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