Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Every Day is Halloween

Luckily, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. It isn’t a tough one to love as a kid, all that candy and getting to wear fun costumes and getting to stay up late all amped up on a couple of pounds of sugar. But if Halloween is the day after your birthday (as it is for me), it’s even easier to love. Picture a night of presents, cake, ice cream, and staying up late to play with new toys as you celebrate being one year older. Now picture waking up the next day, a little sad that your birthday is over, only to remember that today is Halloween. I always felt like I had a two-day birthday growing up, and the first part was just for me, and the second part was when the rest of the world got in on the festivities.

Birthdays aren’t what they used to be, and neither is Halloween. Once you have kids, so much more is about them than you. I’m lucky if I can get a sitter for a dinner out for my birthday, and I no longer host the pizza, tarot reading, and horror movie party I did for ten years on Halloween. Now Halloween is all about the kids. And, luckily, the kids are all about Halloween.

We have only two kids, and at 2 and 4 years old, they’ve only had a few actual dress-up and go-out Halloweens between them. Yet we somehow have acquired about eight Halloween costumes, plus a vast assortment of dress-up outfits. The girls manage to wear almost every one of these costumes each week, sometimes four or five of them in a day. Sometimes it’s fake-Halloween to them, and they’ll trick-or-treat for their breakfast or lunch from me. Most times it’s just time to pretend they’re a dog, ladybug, lion, Tinkerbell, witch, ballerina, Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz)…you get the idea. And I wholeheartedly approve. Of them playing dress up, and celebrating the second part of my birthday, every single day.

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