Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mouse in the House

Okay, so it’s not really in the house, just in the garage, but having a mouse anywhere in the vicinity of our home is something I have a problem with. First off, we have both a cat and a dog, so what is the little bugger thinking? He’s probably thinking, “Hey, that dog and cat never come into the garage,” and that’s why he’s living in there. There is no food out there, we’ve made sure of that ever since the ant infestation that discovered an old bag of cat food out there, so what is our little resident mouse up to out there?

We’ve heard the tell-tale mammalian rustling sound in the corner of the garage behind the storage cabinet, and have seen the little poopy calling cards he’s left behind, and lost not just one, but both phone lines one night. We followed the trail of phone cords across the garage to find a row of neat, tiny teeth marks all along the cord, and a couple of places where the mouse chewed clear through our ability to communicate with the outside world. Enough is enough.

So now we have borrowed a fancy, expensive mouse trap from my father, and are waiting to get rid of this pesky problem. We re-routed the phone lines and have put up barricades to (hopefully) keep the little critter from venturing into the house in search of other phone cords to eat, or even tastier snacks. Wish us luck.

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