Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yoga Kids

I’ve been trying to get back into doing yoga regularly, much to the joy of my kids. I love how excited they get at the sight of me putting the Rodney Yee DVD into the player. They scurry around, kicking toys out of the way, clearing a space for the three of us, chanting “Yoga! Yoga!” Do other kids do this?

They’re actually ridiculously good yogis. The way they carefully adjust each pose until it matches mine, then put me to shame by folding themselves effortlessly in half without things like bones or joints seeming to get in the way. They get bored with the simple poses, and start throwing their own complications into it, standing on one foot while balancing a toy in one hand while waving their other arm around in circles (a la Cat in the Hat, before he falls off the ball).

At some point it always devolves into contact yoga, with me fighting to maintain a warrior II pose, with a kid hanging from each arm, or doing downward dog while the girls see how many times they can crawl beneath me before I change poses.

Sometimes after we’re done I feel extremely exercised, without feeling particularly relaxed, which isn’t really the point of yoga, and I’ll decide that next time I’ll wait until the kids are napping to do yoga. But when, a few days later, the girls are flipping through their vast DVD collection, trying to decide between an early Disney classic or modern Pixar favorite, and stumble across the yoga DVD and turn to me and say, “Mommy, can we do yoga instead?” how can I possibly say no?


  1. I came across this wonderful writing and believe me it just took me few decades back when my daughters were growing up and the type of mischief they used to do with me or with their mother. And your description of Yoga... Warrior -II or kids hanging from arms...crawl beneath me are just too good.. Let me read your other writings, may be very intersting

    Thanks and best wishes

    U Ghosh

  2. I chanced upon this wonderful writing which took me few decade back when my daughters were kids and used to do mischiefs with me and their mother. I liked the writing style on yoga also Warrior II... hanging from arm..crawling beneath me during Yoga etc ...
    Let me read the other writings..must be interesting