Monday, June 15, 2009

Found Treasures

The other day my girls found a ping pong ball in the weeds on the side of the house. You’d have thought they’d won the lottery by their excitement level as they ran to me, holding it aloft and shouting, “Look what we found! Treasure!” Found treasures are one of their all-time favorite things. Once it was a plastic flower ring someone had left at the park. Another time they found a hand-made pipe-cleaner bracelet decorated with chunky plastic beads. Sometimes it’s a pretty rock, or dandelions they’ll collect by the fistful and demand that I bring home for them to put in their little plastic vase that came with their princess toy tea set.

I’m glad that my kids can appreciate these found treasures, and don’t feel like everything worth having is advertised on TV. I’ll admit, having a DVR helps with this, as my kids aren’t really aware of commercials as anything other than the part of the show you get to use the beloved remote for, pressing the cool “skip” button until you get back to the good stuff.

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