Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Well, I promised the kiddies a pool day, but the 90 degree weather broke and it wasn’t quite warm enough for soaking in the kiddie pool after all, so instead we filled a bin with water out back, and used buckets, plastic tea pots, and plastic princess cups to splash around. Or that was the idea anyway. It didn’t go quite according to plan, because there were flies outside, and the little one is still insanely terrified of all insects. So she spent the majority of the time clinging to my leg screaming about a fly that kept buzzing around. The older one, insisting it wasn’t too cold to swim, decided to sit in the bin and overflow the water, then complain that there wasn’t enough water anymore.

I got the younger one set up inside with some of her favorite books, and sat just outside the screen door where I could keep an eye on both kids at once. The older one, overly concerned, as always, that her sister might just be having a better time than she was, soon abandoned the buckets of water to go in and harass her sister. They got into some game where they took turns putting one of those little New Year’s noisemaker horns into their mouth, then blew until the horn came flying out, aiming to hit each other with each attempt. They took turns blowing the horn at each other, trails of spit flying in its wake, and laughing hysterically at the situation. So, so much for fun in the sun. Who knew the entertainment of the day would be spitting a toy dug out of the bottom of the toy bin at one another for half an hour?

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  1. I remember having the best time with some of the simplist of objects as a kid. I still remember hours spent with those simple wood blocks - making a fence or border, building a house, making an obsticle course...