Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spoiled Rotten, Please

The in-laws are visiting this weekend, which means the girls are being spoiled rotten. I’m not one of those moms who objects to grandparents feeding my kids cookies for dinner or overdosing them on TV. I had two sets of fairly reserved grandparents. They weren’t the type to ruin meals with sweets or turn on the goofy behavior to elicit squeals of laughter. I sincerely felt my childhood lacked in the area of spoilage, and so I encourage all three sets of grandparents to do their best to win my kids’ favor.

Yesterday, my mother-in-law took the girls shopping for some new clothes. The toddler tolerates shopping as well as any outing, but she doesn’t get terribly excited about it. The 4-year-old is entirely another story. She’s more of a clothes-hound than any teenage girl I’ve ever met. Grandma had promised her a couple of new dresses, and you should have heard her browsing through the options available to her. “Ooh, this one! I love it. Oh, it’s beautiful. I have to have it. And this one! Grandma, can we get this, too? It’s just perfect. Like a princess. And this one! Look at this one! It’s purple. I love purple!”

At some point I had to step in to reign her in and get her down to two dresses. Then we were on to skirts and matching tops, with the exact same level of enthusiasm. The whole time, as I was smiling at grandmother and granddaughter bonding over the thrill of new outfits, I was secretly wondering how I’m going to control her clothing obsession when she’s a fashion-driven teenager. I mean, aside from sending her on extended stays with each set of grandparents, where she’ll be appropriately spoiled rotten.

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