Thursday, July 23, 2009

Washing Machine TV

I have been coveting front-loading washing machines for years. The only problem was our washer was fine, a nice large-capacity number I’d bought off Craigslist when hubby and I first moved in together. But lately the old beast has been giving us trouble, with clothes seeming to get more roughed-up than they should, some even coming out with small tears from getting caught on the agitator. So, this week, as an anniversary gift to ourselves, hubby and I took the plunge, and we now have a beautiful new eco-friendly front-loading washing machine to mark six years of marriage together.

Not only is the new washing machine sleek and space-age with it’s ridiculous number of buttons and options (and yet it’s surprisingly easy to use), but it has become great entertainment for the kids. We’ve done three loads of laundry so far, and each time the girls sat before it on their miniature chairs, watching the load inside tumble around, calling out the items of clothing they recognized as they went by: “That’s my skirt! I see your purple shirt! Those are my pink shorts!” They saw me gathering sheets and towels together this morning, and made me promise not to start the laundry until after String Bean got home from preschool, so that they could watch their favorite new show together.


  1. That's cute! Front loaders are great. And Happy Anniversary!