Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Super Smelling Powers

My youngest has a ridiculously good sense of smell. She can walk into a room, where her dad has just popped a few M&Ms into his mouth, and say, “Daddy, I smell chocolate!” I thought I had a good sense of smell, but after seeing her in action, I no longer think so. It’s like she’s got that amped-up pregnant-lady sense of smell, without the accompanying nausea from all smells.

The other day I was drinking a Diet Pepsi in the kitchen while the girls were sitting in the front window watching the world go by, when some sort of scuffle broke out. I rushed in, to pick the toddler up off the floor, where her sister had pushed her for taking up too much of the bench they shared, and she immediately looked at me and said, “I smell Grandma’s drink!” It took me a minute to understand, before I remembered that my mother has a Diet Pepsi every afternoon with lunch.

Yesterday in the car the girls were getting a little too wound-up, so we decided to give them these chewy fruit stick things that keep them quiet for a few minutes. Their dad had opened the first one maybe a millimeter, when the toddler piped up: “Daddy, I smell something! Is that for me? Is that a fruit stick to eat?” I think she has shark-sensitive smell. A drop of food a mile away sense-of-smell.

There’s always something these kids throw at you, just when you think they can’t surprise you anymore, to remind you how full of surprises they are.

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